Sunday, 19 October 2014

Week 6 budget update + Shine

Yay! I have a new follower. Welcome to Lisamaywalters.

A bit of an odd day yesterday as I was home alone.  Quite unusual and was left drumming my fingers, I considered loafing but I caught up with some jobs around the house.  I did a cupboard and freezer stock check, added up my receipts and checked the spread sheets (I'm a complete nerd when it comes to finances).  It has been incredibly mild in Yorkshire so no heating needed, windows and doors open and washing on the line.

Over the past few weeks I have taken part in an online focus group for Audible.  As they are paying me handsomely for my time I have thrown myself into it and gave as many well thought opinions as I could.  As a result I had an email from the market research company wanting me to record a video which will be shown at Audible HQ next week.  If they are going to pay me I wanted to do my best and spent an hour (or two) trying to get it just right - deary me - it became quite stressful  - I have a new respect for youtubers.  I still wasn't happy with the final result, too many ums and errs and ahs.  It seems I have the habit of moving around a lot when I speak and using my arms to express what I am trying to say, I hope they don't find it too annoying.

We finished the evening off with a movie and snacks (yes I am still on a diet but let myself off at the weekend).  We watched *Shine* which is on the iplayer (I think today is the last day).  DH and I first saw this when it came out in the 90's and became one of our favourites.  I didn't have children then, but watching now I have two of my own made it even more poignant.  DD cried at the end, she flung her arms around me and told me she had the best parents ever (it's nice to be told that now and again from a primary source ;0) .  I think it's lovely that she has such empathy towards other people and their life struggles and is able to appreciate what she has at such a young age.  I have known some hard hearted negative-vibe merchants in my time and wonder how they get through the day....but I guess they have life struggles of their own.

Anyway on to my budget

Groceries     £78.59/£65
Over budget but I have a full freezer.  We don't need anymore main meals or tins.  I was studying the receipt and it is a Homebargains toiletries shop that has pushed me over my budget.  These things will last at least another month.  I try not to go in very often because it tempts me into buying things I don't need.  Every few weeks I stock up with shampoo, conditioner, deodrant, bleach, loo rolls, toothpaste, floss etc.

Petrol           £15/ £15
Did this easily this week as the weather hasn't been too bad so we have walked and cycled.
Misc            £19.25/£20
This was for our wedding anniversay lunch.  This is money well spent.  It was a lovely day and I think wedding anniversaries are worth celebrating.  

Christmas fund £55 (really need to start working on this - might think of some ways to bring some extra cash in between now and December)

Anyway, hope you are all having a lovely weekend whatever you are doing.  I am going to try and do some recipes next week, need to get organised and have my camera at hand to take pics.  I'm in the mood for bread making.   


  1. Well done with the budget. Isn't it satisfying when a plan comes together ;) I look forward to the recipes next week, Angie

  2. It's so hard to look at yourself on film. How do these film stars manage it. I hate my voice when I hear it recorded (who is that common woman-surely not me!). I love an unexpected snuggle-it's what keep us sane! Well done on the budget-doing a great job x

  3. I eat carefully all week and have a treat and eat what I want weekends.

  4. I cried at that film too. ;)

  5. How are you getting on with your budget as the cold has come in and closer to the end of the year? I love reading how people are successful, and where they make modifications to get back in line. Hope all is well.