Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September review and busy day

I can't believe it is October 1st already!  September hasn't been perfect but it has come pretty close.  Spending-wise things have been very good, I have managed to keep under budget most weeks, only went over once on the groceries but I think it will have evened itself out.  The weather has been cracking so we have hardly used the car, very little unexpected expenses and we even got a refund from my son's school because we had paid too much for snack money.  The washing has been out every day, the heating has yet to come on and my freezer is pretty full. 

We also came into a little bit of unexpected money so we will be making a mortgage over payment either tomorrow or Friday if the cheque has cleared.  I have made £35.68 on surveys, I also got a free Audible credit for doing a survey for them. 

My OU came early and have enjoyed getting stuck into that.  I was a bit nervous about doing a level 3 but so far so good.

Very busy day today, DH has been interviewing all day so came back quite late.  Dinner was a bit of a quick dash, I decided on an oven Omelet.  Very quick and easy and tasted yummy.  We do try and eat vegetarian once or twice a week.

Eggs x 5                83
Cheese                   50
Potatoes                16
peppers                  33
Tomato                  12
basil                        5
onion                     20
butter                     10
Dash of milk           10
Beans                     33

Salt and black pepper 2
= £2.74 (ish)

I diced and cooked the potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes, whisked up the eggs then literally chucked everything in.  Grated cheese on top with sliced tomato, put it in mini oven for 30 minutes and a few minutes under the grill to brown.  I served with lashings of baked beans.

Empty plates all round.

I was going to do some mini October challenges but will leave it until tomorrow as I'm dog tired.

We are going to see the talented John Shuttleworth in November - I can't wait!  This song brings a tear to my eye...for everyone who hates food waste....enjoy!

Have a lovely evening everyone.


  1. That looks delicious, do you mind me asking what surveys sites you use, next week I am going to do a post about surveys and making a bit extra.

    1. Not at all. Mysurvey, valuedopinions and crowdology. I also had some points in swagbucks that I had forgotten about. I don't do swagbucks anymore but others say it's good. The amount I got was both me and DH survey-ing over the summer as he only works term time. If it was just me it would be a lot less. Last year it averaged out at £20 a month, so I would guess £10 for someone doing it on their own. HTH

  2. Thanks its all helps, I will do a posting about what I do next week sometime .