Thursday, 2 October 2014

October here I come..

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I am someone who really likes lists, plans, goals and challenges, I find they do motivate me into keeping focused.  But I do think that they should be

a) realistic - no point in setting myself up for defeat
b) flexible - knowing when it is not working and not being too stubborn to move the goal posts a little

Mini short-term challenges are best for me.  Even breaking them down into weekly or daily missions is better than doing nothing at all.  It's a great feeling going to bed at night and ticking off those do-to's, or doing the accounting at the end of the week knowing I kept in budget.  Monthly challenges should be a little more slow paced and yearly ones should be barely noticable because by May it has just become a habit.

Here's my October list, I will revisit it in November and hopefully cross a few things off.

1) Stick to £65 PW grocery budget
2) Stick to £15 petrol PW budget
3) Reduce my misc budget to £15 PW
4) Reduce Christmas fund to £10 PW
5) Aim for £20 survey money
6) Cost out each meal every day and blog
7) Do 2 hours OU a day
8) Make a mortgage over-payment
9) lose 4lb which will get me down to my goal weight
10) Make 1 thing every week either for myself or for someone else??

10 things seems like a good number.

Does anyone remember Tanita Tikaram? This is a good upbeat song for a Thursday when everyone is starting feel tired and weary.  (Sorry for short ad at the begining.)

Have a lovely day folks, hope the sun is still shining where you are. 


  1. Thats a good challenge.

  2. Great to have targets to aim for. Achieving any of the ten would be great-good luck : )