Friday, 3 October 2014

My Grandfather's Ghost

 Braveheart - love this quote!

I had 3 grandads, I wasn't being greedy.  Two I never met, one lived most of his life in Australia, another died when he was 32, my mum was only 5.  He worked as an auctioneer, he went out to work one day as usual, then never came home - he died suddenly of an asthma attack.  Their whole world was shattered.

My grandma married again to the man I knew as grandad.  He was a lovely man, much older than my grandma and took on three young, children.  He worked hard his whole life running a fish and chip shop.  He was also a soldier. He fought in the Somme during the first world war and was very proud of a bullet hole in his shoulder, his daily reminder of his brush with death and his own mortality.  He was lucky, he survived the Somme, many didn't, he went on to live life to the full.  He died aged 85, the evening before he died he went out dancing, came home and died the next day.  It was a shock to those left behind but what a good way to die..we should all aim to leave this world dancing (preferably to our own tune).

This song was written about my grandad, even though there was never a biological connection - he was without doubt the only grandad we knew, I think we hit the jackpot by having this man in our lives.  The song is not just about him as a person, but a reminder of how we should LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL EVERYDAY because we have no idea of what is around the corner - none of us have a crystal ball.

Hope you enjoy it.  You may need a Kleenex if you have a father or grandfather who has worked hard all his life or fought for his country.  (By the way, it isn't me singing, the lady on the right is my lovely sister and on the left is the gorgeous Helen.)

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  If you get the chance, go out and do something different, smile a lot, share a joke, appreciate the kind people in our lives and make a decision not to worry about a thing.  Because life's too short.


  1. Lovely post, I never knew any of my grandparents, which is sad x

  2. Lovely post and for me very timely, My grandad died forty six years ago as of today. He too served in The Great War, in his case as a musician and stretcher bearer

  3. Lovely. I'm a bit teary eyed. I didn't know either of my grandfathers, but because my dad was already in his 40's when I was born, it made me think of him. It's just been two years since he passed. I was fortunate to marry my husband who had two grandpas (another had passed when he was a child but grandma remarried) so I felt like I hit the jack pot in finally having the loving grandpa's all my friends had growing up.