Sunday, 12 October 2014

Budget Update week 5 (+ slow cooker rice pudding)

Good morning everyone.  Hope you are having a nice weekend.  Weather has been mixed here and definitely getting colder.  It feels more like autumn now.  I've been so busy last few days I didn't have time to post.  DH took the day off on Friday and we did some jobs around the house.  We also went shopping together which is quite a rare event for us as one of us is usually looking after our son.  We had both M&S and Sainsburys vouchers burning a hole in our wallets so we decided to a weeks shopping using these, plus some nectar points, plus a till spit which meant our shopping bill for the week only came to £22. 

We took the kids to York for the day yesterday, DS and DH went to the National Railway Museum (free) whilst DD and myself met up with my sister.  We went to a closing down sale which was selling off designer clothes for next to nothing (literally cheaper than Primark).  The quality was akin to White Stuff or Fat Face so I bought a few bits for me and DD for next spring (2 waistcoats, 2 dresses came to £20). 


Groceries       £22.45/£65
Petrol            £15/£15
Misc              £20/£20

Christmas fund £15
Total Christmas fund £55

Rice Pudding in the slow cooker 

I did this last week as I saw some pudding rice and just wanted to give it a go.  My mum always made her own rice pudding, I never remember her opening a tin - everything was always made from scratch.  It was delicious and knocked spots off anything you could buy in the shops.  Not healthy but definitely comfort food as the weather turns cold. (Apologies for lack of pictures, I did take some but they seem to have disappeared, I wonder if I deleted them by mistake!)

150 g pudding rice  30p
150 g sugar 12p
1 tin of evaporated milk (like carnation) 65p
2 pints of milk    25p
sprinkle of either cinnamon or nutmeg  5p

cooking time 4 hours 10p

Method chuck it all in and leave it for 4 hours on slow. This does the equivalent to 5 tins of rice pudding - I measured it out and works out at 29p at tin. It freezes well. I know you can buy value rice pud for 15p but this recipe is in a league of its own for taste. 

I served with foraged blackberries.

Apologies for pic quality.

Have a lovely Sunday and I hope you are all well.  Welcome to all followers, I will spend some time this morning looking  at your blogs and finding out what you have been up to. 


  1. My hubby is a big rice pudding fan, I must make some, I must use the slow cooker more, I was reading about slow cooking on another blog and was amazed it only cost 10p to run, I like the idea of that.

  2. Well done with your budget, its a nice feeling when you get to the till and harly use any cash, I sometimes feek quite smug when handing over vouchers :-). Good bargains from York, its one of our favourite places to shop, we park at the outket and bus in, niw hubby has a bus pass there will be just me to pay a fare.

    Lovely recipe, its about the same as mine, I have always used a small tIn of evap milk in mine too it makes it extra creamy. Mum would make a thick rice pudding in the coal oven when we were kids with a nice buttery nutmeg crust, full cream milk too, no low fat stuff then :-) I sometimes do one in the oven to fill a gap, but mostly use my slow cooker. Enjoy!

  3. Sorry about the spelling mistakes. Hardly, feel, outlet, now. OMG!! And these are my new glasses lol x

  4. No worries. It is definitely a nostalgic pudding, it's has a completely different flavour to tinned rice pud.

  5. I had my first crack at slow cooker rice pud this week Yummy! I'm a great fan of slow cooking - I love coming into the house to the welcoming smell of a casserole. It's like being a kid again when mother always had something cooking in the Rayburn.

  6. That,s how I make rice pudding but I am using long grain rice from AF, it does not go quite as thick as pudding rice so I cut down on the milk, and do not rinse the starch off.

    1. That's interesting Pam, I might give that a go, even cheaper.

  7. Terrify success this week. Congratulations. I am pantry short of some of the rice pudding ingredients, but now that I think I know what pudding rice is, I'll add the ingredients to my stock up list to have on hand through the rest of fall and winter. Extra school release days this week for school conferences and teachers workshops, so extra kids hanging around so this will help fill teenagers sweet tooth's.

    1. "Terrific" success-sorry for my fast fingers!