Sunday, 5 October 2014

Budget update week 4

Ok I am on week 4 of my 12 week challenge.  I have just added my receipts up, I knew I was over budget from my mental calculations, but hadn't realised how much I had gone over.  I am not despondent because I have enough main meals to last the month and my freezer is fairly full.  I have quite a lot of tinned goods and pasta and rice.

Groceries        £72.69/£65

An overspend.  I took my eye off the ball this week, I have scoured the receipts and there have been a few unnecessary purchases, but also some things that will keep for the following weeks. 

Petrol              £5/£15

Thanks to the good weather DH has been cycling to work and I have been walking so well under budget.  I took my parents for a hospital appointment this week which is about 10 miles away.  They gave me £10 for petrol - I hate taking money from them but they were insistent and say it's cheaper than a taxi. So I deducted this from my petrol expenses for simplicity. 

Misc                £0/£10

This is good, haven't bought a single thing other than groceries and petrol which will certainly help towards grocery overspend.  Note my misc budget was £20.  As part of my October challenge I have reduced this to £10 as I thought £20 was a bit on the high side. 

Christmas fund £0/£15 

Won't put anything away this week because of grocery overspend.  

Total Christmas fund £40



  1. I really am impressed with your self discipline and hope I can learn better. When I've tried to challenge myself to save more spend less, I've used a month, but now think that's too long a time between planning and reviewing. There are 12 full weeks until 2015 and I'm going to do a challenge of my on. Continued success to you.

  2. I am controlling my excess spending simply because the freezer is full as are the cupboards. What I now intend to do is take the cash with me for shopping so once it is gone there can be no more shopping. When I was first salaried I dare not spend anything for the first 2 weeks, then I would have so much money left on the next payday that my savings took off. i need to get back into that mindset again.