Sunday, 14 September 2014

Update on my budget

I thought I would do a weekly update on what I have spent to keep me on track for my 12 week advent challenge. Here it is. 

My original budget is in green

Week 1
Grocery shopping    =    £58.18/£65.00
(Had a fair bit in so this is lower than normal, but still good and within budget. Still have some stuff in the freezer and larder so hopefully another cheap week next week.)

Petrol                        =    £12.50/£15
( Because of the good weather we haven't even used this.  DH cycling to work and I have been catching up with jobs around the house.  Had a couple of dentist appoints and grocery shopping to do)

Misc/unforseen         =    0.00/£20
 (Yah! I spent nothing all week.  Will put £15 away for Christmas! I think we need a new duvet for the spare room.  It is feather and a bugger to clean, its old and I think a non feather one would be more practical.   So may not be able to make the 0.00 next week, but we will see.)

Christmas Fund       =   £15

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