Monday, 8 September 2014


Checking my email this morning, my heart sank yet again, sank as I sifted through 9 invitations to complete surveys.  Most of them are around 20 minutes long. If I were to qualify for all the surveys that would be 3 hours of my day!  I was sorely tempted to delete them all and unsubscribe. 

 However, looking back over last years spreadsheets I have worked out, between me and DH, we have earned £240 in completing surveys.  That's an average of £20 a month.  Not a fortune but it has come in very handy for birthdays, holidays and Christmas. For now I will keep going with it, perhaps when the mortgage is paid I won't feel the need to suppliment my income.  If you are someone who values their precious time over buying things then surveys are not for you.  They are tedious in the extreme, sometimes there are frustrating technical difficulties and you feel you are constantly being filted out even after you have spent 5 minutes entering your details.

But if you are someone like me that has time on their hands, perhaps half and hour in a morning and have something to save for, it may be a really good idea...especially if you get the whole family involved (yes the survey sites often ask for a teenager to complete the survey).

* Be aware that you will get filtered out for a lot of surveys, this is normal, don't give up.
* Sometimes the 3 minute ones that do not offer a reward may send you a free product to trial and survey later (the follow up survey usually pays).  Last year we had a pasta ready meal, a bag of sugar, 3 months supply of dishwasher tablets and a tub of spread...
* Every now and then I get surveys through which are well paid for very little effort.  I have recently done a 'my personal routine' survey which involved me completing a diary over a week of my grooming routine. This was very easy to do and just took a few minutes each day.  I received £8 for this.  I have done this 3 times before.
* Cam work - haha this always makes DH laugh.  This pays significantly more than an ordinary survey and will involve you being recorded using a webcam to watch an advert or promotion of some discription.  It is very easy but they don't come round very often.
*Some will pay you with Paypal, others will send E vouchers or physcial vouchers through the post.  Paypal payments are either instant or take 10 working days, E vouchers take only a few days and will arrive in your in box in form of a code.  Amazon vouchers are the best value IMO.  Physical vouchers will take up to a month, but in my experience are much quicker, I believe they send them out in batches every month.
* Each survey site has different thresholds to redeem your points.  For instance Mysurvey is £3 whereas Valued Opinions is £10.  So some you have to stick with for quite a while before you can get to your earning.  It is quite a commitment so if you are not sure stick with the low threshold sites.
* Most if not all survey sites take a cut to cover Paypal expenses or that of sending you a voucher.  It is usually in the region of 50p.  So for Valued Opinions I need to earn £10.50 before they will let me redeem my points of £10.
*Have a break from it.  It can be soul destroying if you do them every day.  Life is too short to be spending time wondering if Heinz baked beans were your friend what kind of friend would it be! 

My favourite survey sites (and I've done a few) are Mysurvey, Valued Opinions and Crowdology.  These are the ones that regularly offer surveys and pay out quickly.  I have been with these sites for years and have had no problems whatsever.  There have been many others that I have just given up with because it takes so long to redeem any rewards.

And here's a funny clip from Victoria Wood - enjoy!


  1. I used to do surveys for Valued Opinions and then all of a sudden they stopped sending me any surveys. There is still £4 unclaimed in my account and seemingly no way to get it! I will take a look at My Survey and Crowdology though. Thanks for the suggestions. There are so many out there and the rewards for many seem to be ridiculously poor!

  2. I only do Swagbucks now, it just seems to take ages to reach payment, I prefer to do a bit extra buy selling bits we know longer want on ebay. Do you do Ebay?

    1. I used to do Swagbucks but I have forgotten why I stopped. I think I might go back and have a look if my account is still open. Yes I Ebay as and when but we hardly buy anything these days so it has become less and less. When the kids were little it was great because they grow out of things so quickly..