Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday budget update week 2

Sorry I haven't blogged for a couple of days - been sick as a dog.  Weather is pretty good up north, still very warm.  Sun is shining and I have the washing out drying on a gentle breeze.  Not sure what we will do because I am still not 100%.   Anyway, here's an update on my budget.  Epic fail this week but will do better next.

Week 2
Original budget in green

Groceries      £80.84/£65
Massive overspend!  I am not too worried as I have bought some things in bulk that can be stored away (teabags, washing powder, freezer is chocca)

Petrol            £12.50/£15
Under budget.  But only just.  Running on fumes for the last day. Need to put a bit more in for next week.

Misc               £16.00/£20
We bought a new duvet and set of pillows for the spare room.  We decided this was a need rather than want.  So still under budget

Christmas fund £10 (Sainsburys Voucher)  
Chritmas fund total £25
Because of overspend on groceries won't put anything away this week.  I have however made a £10 Sainsburys voucher on surveys which will be put towards Christmas   

Have a lovely Sunday.



  1. Those surveys come in very handy don't they? I was amazed yesterday when I claimed £35 in Amazon vouchers!

  2. Hope you're feeling better this week. I wouldn't call your spending an epic fail, you're not a huge amount over budget, you'll get that back in future weeks.