Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Spitting Feathers!

.....Quite literally!

We have decided to replace the feather duvet in the spare room to a more washer-friendly polyester type.  We think this comes under need more than want as the cost of cleaning it out-weighs the cost of getting a new one.  Having the odd overnight guest I always wash the entire duvet and pillows, so it really was a practical decision.

I considered offering the old one for dog bedding, but when I thought about it dog bedding needs to be washed so frequently that it really wouldn't be practical.  So I decided to make some cushions (these will be much, much easier to wash).

The squares in the duvet were 15" so they were prefect for cushions as they were.  I just cut the square out so it only had one side open, I then got stuffing.  I did everything slowly and gently to avoid the feathers blowing everywhere!

I sewed up the open side but stopped when I got 3/4's of the way there and topped up the stuffing even more, it's amazing how much you need to make a thick cushion!.  Took it back to the machine and sewed it up.

1 cushion ready to be hot washed and tumble dried. Actually I did 3!  They took about 20 minutes each.

I then rummaged through my fabric and decided to make some cushion covers.  I don't buy fabric very often as I like to reuse what I have, but when I do I go to Fabworks - Dewsbury.  They let you fill a carrier bag of fabric for £5.  The sizes and type varies and sometimes you have to dig deep to get to the good stuff ;0).  Sometimes me and my mum share the cost of a bag, the last time we went I got a lots of raw silk, damask, and upholstery fabric for £2.50. (No affiliation other than being a regular customer).

I know I don't need to tell you how to make a cushion cover but this tutorial is so easy and she does an excellent job explaining for anyone just starting out. Thank you lovely lady for this.

...and here is what my duvet looks like now

With the rest of the duvet I rolled it up into a sausage and tied it in place.

I then cut out a piece of fleece (the fleece was bought dirt cheap from Ikea, I bought it because I liked the colour and thought it would be useful for crafts as it does not fray), and sewed it down the long edge and one short edge. I turned it inside out to make a tube and stuffed my feather sausage into it.  I tucked it in at the other end, didn't bother sewing it because I need to keep removing it for washing.

It's a draught excluder for the garage door.

 Feathers that got swept and vacuumed from the floor went straight onto the compost.

Any other suggestions for recycling a feather duvet would be gratefully received as I have another one in the waiting!

Have a great Tuesday.  

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  1. Thats the waste not want not spirit, very resourceful.