Friday, 5 September 2014

Shabby Chic Upcycled Cabinet

I have desperately needed to get my bedroom clutter sorted out.  Ok I admit it is not DH this time - it is my plethora of make up, hair stuff, creams and potions that get piled up onto a (gratefully given) table.  So I resisted temptation to head off to Ikea and went to Oxfam instead.  Originally I was looking for a set of drawers but nothing was quite right. So here's what I bought for £25 - to the dismay of DH! A rather ugly old 70's cabinet. Even the woman in the shop looked apologetic as she took my money. 

I shut myself in the garage and a couple of hours later I brought this out........tahdah!

(Ignore the blobs of blutac that were holding the pearls in place -glue was still wet!)

All the materials I used were already in my garage, left over from other projects.  First thing I did was clean it within an inch of its life.  Then I used chalk paint, left over fabric for the lining, ribbon to bind the legs, knobs came off another set of drawers where the knobs were changed and given a lick of paint. The only thing I bought especially was the pearls from Oxfam 99p (they were super long and will do a few more future projects).

Tip to any crafters, if you can find cheap costume jewellery at car boot sales for pences - snap it up! Even if you don't need them now a collection of beads and embellishments are really useful to have at hand when you get the creative urge.

Now my bedroom bits and bobs are tidy (though the more I look at it the more I wish it would fit in my kitchen.  Wouldn't it look nice with some old china cups?)

I'm over the moon with it and DH said it was worth £25 to keep me quiet for a couple of hours.  Haha! I would love to read about your latest projects - feel free to leave a comment!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh l love your cabinet, great job! I love used furniture, most of mine is used and from different eras. Fun thing is, a piece like this is a one of a kind and unique. Pam :)

  2. Thank you so much. And it was more fun than trudging around Ikea.

  3. It looks fab, you'll enjoy it more seeing you done it yourself x

  4. That looks absolutely gorgeous, I'd have that beauty in my house like a flash. Well done. £25 well spent! xxx