Tuesday, 2 September 2014

September - Fresh Start

Hi everyone!

Firstly I would like to thank the lovely Ilona (Meanqueen) for encouraging new bloggers to write about their lives http://meanqueen-lifeaftermoney.blogspot.co.uk/.  If you haven't already discovered her I would strongly suggest having a look.  She writes a no nonsense blog about frugality, walking, crafts, recycling, pets....she's not really 'mean'!

September - In our house we have two fresh starts to the year.  January 1st and the beginning of September when the kids go back to school.  My lists come out, goals are written, new challenges are thought up.  So last night I dug out my trusty note book and began to write down everything I plan to do over the next few months, they will be reassessed in December for the New year.

 1) Spend an hour a day exercising.  I have dusted off the exercise bike, found my pedometer, my rucksack has been cleaned and mended.  My aim is to lose 1/2 a stone by Christmas.  This will bring me to my final goal of 9stone (that pesky half stone will just not budge).

2) Spend at least 20 minutes checking my finances daily.  We should all be doing this in the days of internet banking.  I will check my accounts to make sure all is well, check the spreadsheets to make sure I am on budget, tally my receipts (groceries and petrol) to make sure I am not overspending. (Will blog more about keeping a firm eye on those finances)

3) Spend an hour a day on hobbies.  This is something that gets very much neglected during the school holidays for obvious reasons, but now they are back to school I am going to get stuck into sewing and crafting (will blog these as and when)

4) Will spend an hour a day cleaning (yawn) but it has to be done.  I cannot pretend to be a domestic godess but I do like the house to be organised and tidy.  I hate spending hours and hours of my day cleaning and have come to the conclusion for lazy people like me little and often is all that is required to keep ontop of things (will blog about this later).

5) Will spend 2 hours a day on my Open University course. The challenge here is not so much to do 2 hours but to limit myself to 2 hours, I get so absorbed in my OU that everything else gets forgotten.  (Will definitely do an OU post at some point if anyone is interested).

6) Spend an hour a day reading.  I don't watch TV much so this will be my time to relax and escape. (Will do a few book reviews in the future).

7) An hour a day on the garden (will let myself off in bad weather).

So over to you anyone else have a list of goals for September fresh start?


  1. Looking forward to reading your new blog, I have some goals which are quite similar to yours, spend an hour cleaning and getting jobs done, read more, make more me time, meal plan more are just a few x

  2. Your new blog looks fab! Crafting posts will be of particular interest to me as I'm a cardmaker and wondering whether or not to try sewing too x