Saturday, 27 September 2014

Old Codger's Survival Kit

It's my big brother's birthday today and he's 50! My lovely sister in law has organised a surprise party for him tonight, I can't wait, we do have a laugh when we all get together.  My big bro does like a party.

We don't normally buy each other gifts because quite frankly I wouldn't have a clue what to buy him and I am sure he he's glad he doesn't have to bother with me...but I thought I would make an exception this year as half a century is worth celebrating. Bearing in mind he has a very good sense of humour I thought I would make him a 'Old Codger's Survival kit'.  I decorated a shoe box with paper I already had, photocopied some childhood pictures and pasted them on.

Pipe £1 £shop
Slippers £3 Primark
Worthers Originals 89p Homebargains
Medication organiser 79 Homebargains
Extra thick bifocals £2 Joke shop in the market
Magnifying Glass £1.19 Homebargains

I haven't spent a fortune and it will give him a giggle (hopefully). 

Have a lovely evening whatever you guys are doing.


  1. You've forgotten the knotted hanky for seaside trips and notebook to help the memory.

  2. What a lovely fun idea, have a great night out.

  3. What a brilliant idea, hope you all have a good time