Monday, 15 September 2014

Oakwell Hall and free tomatoes

Yesterday was a lovely day.  We always try and go out on a Sunday and do something that doesn't involve errands or shopping.  DD asked to go to Oakwell Hall in Birstall West Yorkshire.  We have been lots of times but didn't have time to go over the summer.  The walk around the country park is as little or as much as you like as there are different routes up to the hall, it is pushchair friendly, has a cafe, gift shop and picnic area,  as well as the Elizabethan house to look around, sometimes there a free activities for younger children (sticking and pasting type thing).

We take the long route with the dog walkers.  I think walking with the kids is a wonderful thing.  As well as stretching the legs and getting some fresh air it's also a good opportunity to really talk and listen to each other.  I got all the latest gossip from DD, she seems to really love school, she always has such funny stories! She has developed some strong opinions of the world and sometimes I think she is beyond her years.  I was just intersted in boys and pop music at her age.  I wonder if she will go into politics when she is older....

When we got to the top there was an old 60's bus doing tours to and from another museum.  DS's face lit up when he saw it, he is autistic and is fascinated with transport.  He didn't want to get on, he just wanted to have a good look and to study it.  When did things stop being so colourful?

The Hall today was free to enter so we had a mooch around.  I enjoyed the Tudor architecture, I asked permission to take photos which was allowed but it was too dark inside.

We walked back the long way and met lots of dogs, all very well behaved off the lead.  It's been over a year since our dog was PTS and I miss her.

On our way home we stopped off at my parents house,  we both had some good news to share.  DD had some good school results and my parents are going to book a posh holiday.  My mum was very ill over the summer with Pneumonia, and an inflamed heart muscle which they now say was heart failure.  She was so poorly we honestly didn't think she was going to make it, so I think she deserves a holiday.  My dad is mostly blind now but still manages to keep gardening, he had a glut of cherry tomatoes and gave us a huge bag!  I will be putting them in lunch boxes this week and have a few salads.  I will make  ragu sauce to freeze with any that are left.

 So that was our Sunday, we had a chicken dinner in the evening and a mad rush to get things ready for the morning (why do they always leave homework until the last minute?).   I have been watching Lucy Worsley - The First Georgians on youtube I think she is a fantastic presenter, I hang onto her every word.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your parent's ill health. Gardening is such a good way to keep you going even when things are difficult. My parents always have something that needs doing in their big garden even when one of them isn't feeling on top of the world.