Thursday, 4 September 2014

A weeks menu and shopping list

Last year from January to December I collected every grocery receipt and did a running tally.  I did this because I think it is virtually impossible to say how much you spend in a week or a month as it differs depending on how much stock we have, school holidays, Christmas etc....The best way is to have an annual amount and then average it out.  For us this came to £76 a week.  Although this is not a huge amount it is not frugal either.  It occured to me if I could get my groceries to under £70 a week I could save at least £72 a year.

 So I am busy today planning next weeks menu for the whole family (2+2).  This includes all meals and snacks.  It comes to under £65 so that would give me £5 to spend on non edibles such as loo rolls or washing powder (which I don't need just now).

Sunday                                    Cereals, fruit juice,Toast
Scrambled Eggs/toast
Chicken, Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Spinach, gravy
                                                Blackberry crumble, custard
Monday                                   Cereals, toast,  fruit juice      
                                                Ham Sandwiches, Apple, yoghurt, cereal bar
                                                Chicken Pizza, Spinach, tomatoes, cucumber
                                                Pineapple and icecream
Tuesday                                   cereals, toast fruit juice
                                                Ham/lettuce Sandwiches, apple, yoghurt, cereal bar
                                                Burgers, HM buns,  lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber
                                                Blackberrys and icecream
Wednesday                             Cereals, toast, fruit juice
                                                Ham/lettuce Sandwiches, apple, yoghurt, cereal bar
                                                Spag bol, grated cheese
                                                Mandarin Sponge and custard
Thursday                                 Cereals, toast, fruit juice
                                                Ham/lettuce Sandwiches, Banana, yoghurt, cereal bar
                                                Sardine Chilli, Rice
                                                Banana icecream
Friday                                      Cereals/toast/fruit juice
                                                Ham/lettuce Sandwiches, apple, yogurt, cereal bar
                                                Salmon Pasta bake (with any leftover veggies or salad)
                                                Fairy cakes
Saturday                                  Cereals/toast/fruit juice
                                                Cheese on toast (+ any tomatoes left over)
                                                Baked Potatoes, beans, cheese
(No dessert but Saturday night treat, tortilla chips and HM salsa dip + movie)
NB Any extra snacks will comprise of extra fruit, yoghurts, toast + peanut butter.  Me and DS do not eat dessert so this is just for 2.

SHOPPING LIST (this is not a true shopping list because I have many things already in stock, but I am assuming that stock is low so accounting for most things needed in case anyone wants to follow)
Apples (4 bags of 6 apples = 24)                                          396                          (M)                         
Bananas (2 bunches of 7)                                                       138                          (Al)
Veg + Salad
Spinach (1 bag)                                                                       79                            (Al)
Tomatoes (2 x 6=12)                                                              138                          (M)
Cucumber (whole)                                                                  49                            (M)
Lettuce                                                                                    49                            (M)
Onions (bag of 6 ish)                                                              69                            (M)
Garlic                                                                                      25                            (AS)
Carrots (largish bag)                                                               69                            (Al)
Broccilli (2)                                                                             98                            (Al)
Spuds      (Medium size bag with bakers)                              200                          (M)
Fruit and Fibre (non branded)                                                139                          (M)
Branflakes (value)                                                                  88                            (AS)
Milk (7x4pts=20pts)                                                             700                          (M)
Cheese                                                                                    200                          (M)
Eggs (12)                                                                                 200                          (M)
Yoghurts (6x 6 pots= 30)                                                        570                          (Al)
Spread                                                                                     89                            (Al)
Cooked Ham (x2 pkts = 26slices)                                           356                          (Al)
Meat and Fish
Salmon (tin)                                                                            99                            (Al)
Chicken                                                                                   499                          (Al)
Mince      (2 x 350g)                                                               350                          (M)
Baked Beans  (value x4)                                                         50                            (M)
Tin Toms (x3)                                                                        100                          (AS)
Passata (x 2)                                                                           80                            (M)
Mandarins                                                                              59                            (M)
Pineapple chunks                                                                   65                            (M)
Peanutbutter                                                                           65                            (S)
Bread Flour (Allinsons wholemeal)                                       150                          (M)
Yeast       (Allinsons 125g)                                                      54                            (AS)
SR flour                                                                                   45                            (M)
Fruit juice (5L)                                                                        370                          (M)
Cereal Bars (3 boxes of 5)                                                      177                          (HB)
Gravy                                                                                      20                            (M)
Penne Pasta                                                                            50                            (AS)
Rice                                                                                         40                            (AL)
Sugar                                                                                       65                            (AS)        
Basil                                                                                        48                            (AS)
Pilchards                                                                                 109                          (M)
Chilli powder                                                                          49                            (Al)
Oil                                                                                           99                            (Al)
Tortilla                                                                                    46                            (AL)                                        
Icecream                                                                                 130                          (M)
Peppers                                                                                  100                          (M)  

NB (AL)Aldi (AS)Asda (M)Morrisons (HB)Homebargains
Items in purple will not be used in a whole week and therefore will contribute to a stockcupboard

So over to you - do you meal plan? Do you make a list and stick to it or are you flexible?


  1. Wow that is a detailed menu and shopping list, you have put me to shame. I keep figures in my head, but I do make lists for grocery shopping.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog...I am wishing you success as a new blogger and I will pop back in from time to time to see what you are to.
    Welcome to Blogland!

  2. Well done you for keeping all receipts. I keep trying to and always keep the big ones, it's the little bits like stuff bought in the pound shop or from the market which I forget. It must make for very interesting analysis and be a great help in menu planning