Thursday, 18 September 2014

How shoes can make a grown woman cry

Every now and then me and my daughter like to look through a big box of keepsakes. We don't keep everything, but notable school work, reports, certificates, art work, and quite a lot of baby stuff went into the box.  I must be feeling hormonal because when I found these tiny shoes I felt a lump to my throat and a tear in my eye.  Aren't they cute?  Was it really 14 years ago DD had her first shoe fitting?! I remember first shoes cost a small fortune and they hardly wear them before they grew and needed new ones again. It was a hugely exciting event for DD to get new shoes and everyone had to be visited to see them and acknowledge how beautiful they were.

DS on the other hand always hated having new shoes fitted, at first I put it down to him being a boy, but looking back I think it was almost certainly another sign of his autism.  At 13 he still doesn't like it much and we have to find the same type of shoe, or something very similar before he will relax. If I think about it too much it can make me feel deeply sad that such seemingly insignificant changes can make him so anxious.  It's not easy but we always get there in the end, I do my best and fingers crossed it will be good enough.


  1. I have a keepsake box, I get very weepy when I look through it, my son was sorting out some folders for his college certificates yesterday, and found some newspaper clippings and photos of things he had been in at the primary school, and said he didn't want to keep them so gave them to me for my special box, he was such a little cutie, its lovely to look back at things.

  2. If only there was a way of stepping back in time and having a day with our little ones all over again. Where does the time go? The older they get the more complicated it all seems and sometimes you yearn for the days when all you had to worry about was whether they had enough milk and a clean nappy. I have a nephew with Autism and I recognise the challenges that change of any sort brings for children with this condition xxx