Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Homemade Take-away plus Aldi news

We don't get takeaways very often, if we do it is because we have Tesco vouchers which are converted and even then it is reserved for birthdays and celebrations.  But when we do I am always thinking I could have made it myself much cheaper.  Unless you have it delivered I don't think it saves much time either, by the time you've gone to pick it up and queued and waited - I could have rustled something up at home.

Anyway tonight I thought I would do my own takeaway - not that healthy but I did use wholemeal flour and serve with a salad.  I did both a pizza and garlic bread.  It is so easy and tastes much better than anything you buy in the shops.  It is also something you can prepare in advance, cling and put in the fridge until later.  Dough freezes very well so this can be done whenever I have time, then taken out the night before. The whole thing including salad came to £3.30ish which will feel 4 of us.  Not too bad.  I used a tin of tuna which claims to be dolphin friendly and is caught by pole not net.

Strong Wholemeal Flour       25p
oil                                       5p
salt                                      1p
sugar                                   5p
yeast                                    5p
Tuna                                    1.00
Passata                                 10p
Basil                                     10p
Sweet corn                           20p
Peppers                                16p
Cheese                                 50p

butter                                  20p
Garlic                                  15p

Tomatoes                             23p
Spring onions                       25p
 Lettuce                               10p
Cucumber                            12p = £3.30 (ish)

I cooked the whole lot in my mini oven for about half an hour.  I have no idea how much this costs me - I really should - but a shop bought Pizza would still need cooking. 

Just a couple of heads up - from October 13th  guardian article Aldi will be taking credit cards.  This is great news for those of us who use cashback credit cards for groceries (always paid off in full).  Also any Amex CC customers there is £15 off £40 spend at Morrisons (online delivery only), go to your account and look under offers. 

Weather is still fab up north.  I was too warm last night and it was apparently 19 degrees today, with glorious sunshine and just enough breeze to dry the washing.  Its looking good for the rest of the week - can't believe it is first day of October tomorrow.  Have a great evening folks.


  1. Your pizza looks delicious, I have never made a yeast pizza base so maybe that is something I ought to try next. I love veggie pizza :-)

  2. The pizza looks great, I find homemade ones more filling, I haven't made one for ages .

  3. I really don't like takeaway pizza. They are generally over priced, soggy, oily and too salty. I much prefer home made ones and yours looks delish!

  4. Don't do taka ways much myself any more except fish and chips occasionally. Love the look of that pizza! x

  5. This looks amazing and extremely delicious, I love homemade pizza. At £3:30 for 4 people its an absolute snip compared with a takeaway. Well done!