Friday, 26 September 2014

Creepy potatoes and the easiest soup ever

You may remember that I bought a huge bag of spuds (16p a kilo) and was determined to get through them one way or another.  Well my freezer is full of mashed potato, and now the last few spuds are looking a bit...well...ropey.  They are still firm but looking a bit alien-esque.

Am I the only one who thinks there is something really creepy about sprouting potatoes? It's like they are growing legs...shudder

So I thought I would finally get them used up by making a big vat of Leek and Potato soup.  When I am home alone during the week I tend to use up left overs or make soup out of whatever I have in the fridge.  I also like to have some individual portions in the freezer which I can just grab and microwave when I am lazy busy.

4 generous servings

1.5 lb of potatoes                                                                                     11p
2 Leeks                                                                                                  50p
1 pt chicken stock                                                                                   free
2 teaspoons of Thyme (actually I didn't have thyme but would normally)       10p (guess)
A bit of salt                                                                                             1p (guess)
A bit of black pepper                                                                                1p (guess)
1 400 ml tin of evaperated milk                                                                  65p
                                                                                                         = £1.38

Chuck everything in the slow cooker (apart from milk) until potatoes are tender.  I put the potatoes in first and leeks on top.

I then blitz with a blender stick ( I roughly blend to leave it chunky).  Added evaporated milk, continued to heat for a few minutes on high.  Tasted and added extra salt and pepper. You can't see on the pic but it is still very thick and chunky.

I then freeze into portions.

This makes 4 generous servings of soup which at approximately 18p a portion, plus a slice of bread. It took about 4 hours in the slow cooker which is roughly 10p.  So that makes 21p per serving.

Anyway - phew that's the last of the spuds.  Hooray!

Thanks for the comments yesterday, I love reading them.  I did chuckle about the slugs.


  1. Well done for using the last of the spuds - leek and potatoes soup looks good xx

  2. I love leek and potato soup but it never crossed my mind to make it in a slow cooker..I shall be trying this over the weekend. I completely get what you mean about potatoes. They'd need to be walking before I'd throw them away in this house!