Monday, 29 September 2014

Beef Pie, Fruit Cake and Old Maps

We don't eat a lot of beef, but if I find it on a yellow sticker I will buy it.  So we had slow cooker beef brisket for Sunday Dinner and today I made a beef and potato pie from the left overs.  The beef joint cost me £5, I can't remember how much it weighed but there was enough for a big Sunday dinner, a pie and a bit for the freezer (not sure what I will do with that yet).  So I think it was fairly good value for money.

As well as the potatoes I added half an onion and a blob of mustard to the gravy mix.

I always blind bake the pastry first because my cooking skills are not good enough to guarantee a non soggy bottom. 
Served with peas, sweetcorn and carrots.  There was a lot of nom-nom-noms whilst everyone was eating.

I also made a fruit cake.  This was done using Frugal Queen's boiled fruit cake recipe, which I think is originally from Mary Berry.  I have to admit in my 41 years I have never made a fruit cake.  I always thought it looked a bit faffy and time consuming.  But I really enjoyed making this and Dh's face lit up when he saw it.

I cut 14 good size pieces from the cake, they will be put into the freezer to go into lunch boxes throughout the week. I always do this with cake because if it is frozen it stops me from eating it when I get the 3pm munchies.

The rest of my day was taken up with OU.  It arrived last week and though I have had a flick through it, with a horrible cold I lost all enthusiasm for anything.  So today, feeling much better I got cracking.  I was a little put off by the first part which was studying 16th Century maps :o[...but as I started to read it actually became quite interesting.  Apparently historians can tell a lot from an old map.  The first explorers did not only set out to establish territory and trade routes but map making in itself was highly prized and valued.  We feel we know everything now, but can you imagine what it must have been like sailing into the unknown and discovering new, strange places.  It must have been exciting and terrifying at the same time.  

Anyway, have a lovely evening whatever you are doing.  I will be having an early night with Simon Schama.


  1. Maps are very interesting. Your cake looks lovely. I freeze cake too, great way to stop temptation!

  2. That's what I like, stretching the meat, I don't think its necessary to eat piles of meat, we always have a lot of veg with meals, the cake looks good, fruit cake keeps well too.