Monday, 22 September 2014

Bargains week 1

Good afternoon.  How's your Monday going?

Sun still shining here, and it's warm with a gentle breeze for the washing to dry.  It looks pretty good for the rest of the week.

I have been taking my time over everything today as I am still not quite right and feeling dizzy and tired easily, but certainly better than the weekend.

As my weekend wasn't exactly exciting I thought I would share a few bargains that I bought last week.  I may do this every week as I like to see what other people buy especially if it's a bargain and it may just help someone else.....

240 tea bags for £2.00 - Farmfoods
I am the only one that drinks tea but I go through an awful lot of it.  Our general rule of thumb is anything under 1p per bag is good value.  FF's have the best deals on teabags, it may not always be the same brand, but it is my first port of call when I need to stock up.

500g of lentils 69p - Home Bargains
This will do a couple of meals (almost always Shepherdess pie which is my daughter's favourite).  This is the cheapest I can find near me, if anyone knows of anywhere cheaper I would love to know :0).

Hair gel 2 for £1 - Poundworld.
I wasn't holding out for this being much good, but sometimes you have to try things.  Both me and DD get through gel quickly, our favourite is L'Oreal Invisi hold (£3.50ish).  We like it to give a strong hold but not crunchy or stiff.  Amazingly this did the job perfectly, I have tried it everyday for a week and am very impressed.  The packaging is cheap and not nice to look at...but you can't have everything for 50p.

Yardley Soap £1/120g - Poundworld
Unfortunately because of DD and Dh's skin problems we cannot use any old soap, even Dove soap leaves their skin dry and itchy.  It seems it's the more expensive soaps that are agreeable with their skin (L'Occitane, Lush or specialist independent soap shops).  So I had spied this in £world and thought I would give it a whirl.  After a week both DH and DD ask me to buy more as their skin feels moisturised after using it.  No eczema breakouts, no itching!

I did notice however that Holland and Barratt have an offer on Olive Oil soap (Olivia) at £1.15/125g (offer being by one get one half price) so this is even cheaper (86p/125g).  Will buy some next time I am passing and let you know if it's any good.

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  1. I am off to get tea bags and lentils later, luckily the shops are almost next door to each other. I get through lots of tea when Fran is home. I use leaf tea as well but tea bags are handy for a quick cuppa and PG Tips are my tea bag of choice.