Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A load of old tights!

The weather has been fab over the past few days hasn't it?  And long may it continue.  Beds have been changed, pillows have been washed, a bit of gardening has been done.  I have been in the mood for cleaning, tidying and organising. 

There is a drawer in my bedroom that is full of tights, some are holey, some are a bit bobbled at the knee, one pair had shrunk in the wash.  I never throw tights away, they are so useful.  A quick google for inspiration shows that I am not the only one.

Here's a few of my own ideas

Hair ties

These are the best hair ties I use.  I haven't bought any for 10 years.  They are hair friendly - no snagging, ripping or grabbing.  They are incredibly strong, they do not snap - ever!  They don't slip and pull out gently. You can get loads and loads out of one pair of tights - you'll never be hunting around again.

Hair bands.  I have loads of these as they seem to go walkabout.  This is just the tops of tights, my size seem to be perfect for keeping my hair back whilst I put my make up on or cleanse my face.  They are soft, very stretchy and comfortable.

This is what I did Tuesday morning.  I covered 2 tins for my dressing table.  These were the quickest craft project I have ever done.  The tights just rolled on (they were a bit shear so I doubled them over) then stuck some pearl embelishments on (left over from the shabby chic cabinet project). I gave the rim of the tin a quick stick to stop the tights moving, but to be honest they seem to grab the tins well.  No seam, no wrinkling, no sewing.

 Fingerless hand warmers.  The lycra type of tights do not fray.  You just cut the thumb hole out, it takes a few seconds.  These were a bit thin so I doubled it over before cutting a thumb in.  I like this type of hand warmer because I can type and do crafts whilst keeping the rest of my hands warm.

Other ideas
* Ties.  I used them to tie stakes in the garden, roll up out of season duvets and tie them with the tights before they go away, I tidy the hose pipe when it goes away in winter, I thread small strips through garden tools so I can hang them up.  Bascially anything you need strong string for.

* Stuffing a cushion.  Cut up into bits tights can be soft and bouncy.

* If they are just a bit bobbly and washed up they are great under trousers in winter to keep warm.

* Designer teddy clothes.  Because the lycra ones don't fray you can do no sew clothes for dolls and teddys.  The brighter coloured tights are best for this - tank tops and hats are easy.

There are a 1000 more ideas on the internet, much more cleverer ;o) than my ideas (Pinterest is a good place to start.)

So tell me - what do you do with old tights?


  1. Fabulous ideas. I work in a school and we made headbands using plaited tights to hold the head dresses (tea towels) on. They have lasted for years and years and fit every child whatever their head size!

  2. I failed to mention that these were for nativity!! Sorry long day : ))

    1. I guessed so. What a great idea. I'm going to try plaiting one now, I never thought of that.