Friday, 26 September 2014

12 Weeks Until Advent!

Normally this time of year I am starting to slowly plan for Christmas.  I make lists start buying a few bits and bobs as and when I see something cheap. I start saving points and vouchers, a cupboard in the kitchen is cleared to start gathering bargains.  This year I am going to try a different tac.

I am not going to buy a single thing (other than food and petrol) for 12 weeks.  I won't even think about Christmas until the 1st of December.  In the meantime I am going to put away £15 a week (£180 Christmas fund).  This will buy all presents and extra food and drinks.

The reason I am doing this is to reduce the amount of stuff I actually buy for the Christmas festivities.  Buying little and often can sometimes mean I collect far too much stuff.  By having a single pot of money - when it's gone it's gone - I think will help reign in over consumerism.

So here's my budge for the next 12 weeks

Food and groceries £65 (PW) £280 (PM)
Petrol £15 (PW) £65 (PM)
Any other unforseen essentials (ie prescriptions, school trips) £20

= £365 (PM)

The kids have been fully kitted out and shouldn't need anything for awhile.  The only thing that will throw a spanner in the works is if the car lets us down or we need urgent house repairs.  I will post my expenses update every Monday to keep a track and to keep myself focused.

Anyone else thinking about Christmas? How do you budget for it?


  1. Years ago I used to buy and stockpile food from September onwards and realised it was very silly. We ended up with too much Christmas food for just the two days we actually entertained the family. Now I do start early but I buy the small gifts and stocking fillers when I see a bargain instead. I also make my own family Christmas cards. The money I have saved for Christmas gifts is spent mostly in a November Christmas shop with my daughter as she can advise me on gifts for her husband and children ( I hate wasting money on useless gifts!) and I have a strict budget for that. Christmas food is budgeted for separately and only spent in December :-)
    Your budget seems to be working well and you have a wonderful reason to be frugal. I am going to read back through your earlier posts a bit at a time, the soup looks great!

    1. We were the same. We bought way too much food by Christmas, my family always turn up with things then we distribute it all out when they leave. It seems daft. I'm going to make presents for my family this year and might get my daughter card making. Nice to meet you.

    2. Lovely to meet you too. Do give your daughter the chance to try card making, my grandchildren love it, I'm sure she will too. Pound shops have some great things to start her off with.